GPP workouts are potent. VERY potent.  It is balanced potency that makes our programming so ultimately effective.  Unfortunately, this potency is liable to render the participant very sore or even injured if workouts are misused. 

Unless you have specific experience with these workouts it is best to scale back dramatically before performing a workout in its entirety.   This means start with less than half of the reps, sets, rounds and weights than are recommended.

Before you workout, it is recommended that you learn about your body and its limitations.  In other words, start slow, with low volume and low weight and progress slowly.  If there is any doubt about your capacity you should - slow down, form up, and/or back off until you learn how these workouts will affect YOU specifically.  This may take several weeks, months or years.  

If you have health concerns, be sure to clear your condition(s) with a physician before participating in GPP workouts.  Please feel free to write to us with concerns about how to apply these workouts under your physicians care.  We are also happy to field questions from your health care provider.

Exercise induced Rhabdomyolysis (click HERE)- there exists a very rare condition wherein you may work your body so hard (i.e. "misuse" workouts) that severe pain, inflammation, injury and even death may occur.  This can only happen if you go beyond your limits.  You should NEVER go beyond your limits.  If you experience severe pain, swelling, trouble using a muscle and/or especially if your urine is "rootbeer" colored, you should seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.